Repayment Waiver

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur after you have taken out a loan that may result in difficulty with your repayments. Only applies if you have been charged a repayment waiver fee.


Total Disablement – An accident causing total physical disablement for not less than 7 consecutive days.
Serious Illness – Any illness which shall independently of any other cause be the sole and direct cause of total disablement which prevents you from engaging in your usual business or occupation for a period of not less than 7 consecutive days.
Redundancy – Officially notified redundancy from full time employment provided that you have been in permanent employment for at least 3 consecutive months prior to the notified redundancy.
Death – your death.

If you have taken the optional Repayment Waiver and believe you have a valid claim, you can request a Repayment Waiver application form and instruction guide on this page. If you are unsure whether you have selected the Repayment Waiver please refer back to your contract.

Repayment Waiver application form and guide request:

Once you have submitted your request you will be sent an application form (within 48 hours) to complete.
This form sets out a series of questions which, when completed, will enable us to promptly assess your application. Please be specific with dates and times to avoid further follow ups or delays in processing your application. Depending on the reason for your application you will likely need to provide supporting evidence such as bank statements, medical certificates or letters from your employer.

Yes you can apply by contacting us (in writing) at:
Fax 0800 001 477
Postal Address P O Box 11187, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542

You will need to provide your loan number and specify the event giving rise to your claim (e.g. illness, injury, redundancy, death).

Whilst we will process all applications as promptly as possible. It is likely an application not submitted on our standard form and without required supporting documents may result in a slower assessment time. Therefore we recommend you request a Repayment Waiver application form by completing the information requested above.

If you don’t meet the criteria outlined above (or in your contract), we still want to hear from you to discuss your situation. Our collectors may be able to offer something similar and will work with you to make your remaining loan payments more manageable. Please visit Repayment Problems instead for our collection contact details.

Free Confidential Budgeting Advice
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External Complaints Scheme
If after raising a complaint through our website’s Contact Us page, you find you’re still not satisfied with the resolution or
clarification offered by our compliance team, you can contact our independent and external disputes resolution scheme:
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